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Patrick C. Cesarano is the founder of Cesarano Law. He is a patent agent and electrical engineer with an M.S.E.E. ’03 from the California Institute of Technology and dual B.S. degrees in physics and electrical engineering from the University of Virginia ’01. He previously served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Kenealy Vaidya, LLP from 2014-2017. Before that he spent three years working as a patent agent with Oliff, PLC. He is the inventor on 6 granted patents and 5 currently pending patent application publications in the areas of unmanned vehicle and drone swarm technologies. He is also the pioneer behind a low conversion loss, odd-harmonic  “triple-anode” schottky diode architecture still used in RF applications by JPL, Caltech, NOAA and the NRAO in the 0-200 GHz band.

Michael C. Cesarano is an established South Florida attorney with over 35 years of legal expertise. He has been Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Intellectual Property, Civil Trial and Business Litigation, and is rated by Martindale Hubbell as being Exceptionally Qualified.

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A United States patent is a form of intangible property that protects novel ideas…



A trademark (“mark”) is a word, a design, or a combination of the two that signifies to the public…



A copyright comes into existence when a “work” is created, and in most cases the author of the work…



The rights of an owner of intellectual property may be enforced through litigation. Rights in a patent…

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